SHADOWS OF LIBERTY examines how the US media is controlled by a handful of corporations exercising extraordinary political, social, and economic power.


"A brilliant, riveting and deeply disturbing insight into corporate control of American media and American public opinion." Geoffrey R. Stone, Professor of Law, University of Chicago

 "All Americans should be concerned - if only the media would allow them to be...
Shadows of Liberty seems destined to remain a film one must seek out.
Those who do will be rewarded."

The Wig

"Shadows of Liberty offers a trenchant critique of our media system, effectively highlighting how and why corporate consolidation of media undermines democracy. Featuring the voices of our most wise and compelling media analysts, the film is a clarion call for media reform to create a media system that promotes citizenship and substantive journalism rather than corporate profits and infotainment."
William Hoynes, Professor of Sociology and Media Studies, Vassar College, Author, Public Television for Sale, Co-Author, The Business of Media: Corporate Media and the Public Interest

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